A Refreshing Look at the Vision Statement

I thought for today’s entry I’d tell you more about what’s driving this team in this little (soon-to-be-BIG) venture of ours.

Companies always talk about their vision – internally. What really is a vision for anyway? Lots of people these days would say, “Vision statement? Blah, blah, blah, let’s just get our work done.” And I get it. In my experience vision statements are typically created by a well-intended CEO then spoon fed to the company, and employees are asked to climb aboard a train they aren’t convinced will take them to any real destination.

At NearbyNewz and particularly within our parent company, Trinity App Workz, we’ve gone to great effort to create a vision statement that our employees, and the communities of people who use our apps, can believe in.

Our take on a vision statement is more of a credo than anything else, something that we all can believe in, grasp ahold of, and implement in every decision we make and before every task. We’ve had extensive chats with one another where we’ve dug deep, and as a result we found out what drives each of us individually. To our great surprise we discovered that we all have a deep faith that energizes us. We share the belief that our social connections shape us. We discovered we each have a deep desire to help others.

So we combined these and came up with a vision. More importantly, after it was drafted we shopped it around to our people to ensure that we’re all bought into this particular train ride and its destination.

Without further ado, the vision for Trinity App Workz, which funnels directly in NearbyNewz, is this:

We believe our team was brought together to change the way information is shared. We believe there are uses for mobile technologies that exist today that are untapped but when combined with our forward thinking and innovative development, our applications can make information exchange more relevant and impactful. We believe in utilizing our emerging technologies to create connections that translate into meaningful, respectful, and responsible connections in the real world. We believe in being selective in what applications we develop, so that we can focus on the ones that can make a difference. We believe that faith, family and community come first, and when these core tenants are aligned it feeds and elevates our work and fuels our passion to break new ground. We settle for nothing less than excellence in everything we do but we are not afraid to fail, change direction or see things anew.

We love and embrace our mission because it speaks to the very heart of who we are as individuals AND as a team. We are all different people with varying points of view, which come through during meetings and daily conversation (sometimes colorfully). We need this diversity to propel us forward, to bring newness into something that even over a short period of time can become stagnant. But since we have the same fundamental ideals, we understand that when a team member voices an alternative point of view, its rooted from the same foundation.

We all want to succeed individually, but more than anything, we want to succeed as a team and have genuine interest and desire to and see each other succeed.

It really is rather refreshing.

— Marcy Theobald, Communications Champion for NearbyNewz

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